Ideas are a dime a dozen… even the billion dollar ones?

The problem is that there is no trick to finding the ones that will be big or could eventually be big and as Edison famously said “We now know a thousand ways not to make the light bulb.” The same could in a way be applied to building Startups. Unfortunately though that doesn’t help a budding entrepreneur like you, does it?


Entrepreneurs are a cautious breed but with great ambition… knowledge we are told is power and by equipping ourselves with it, we can increase our chances of beating the odds. I came across this article recently and I feel that in our pursuit as entrepreneurs we are drowning in a deafening clamour of what it is to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to do a startup. The pursuit of knowledge is one thing but there is a time that you have to take stock, believe in what you want and start doing.


Starting could be jotting down your idea on a piece of paper but a more effective way is to go the lean startup route and create a Minimum Viable Product. If you are in the tech space that would most probably mean building a web or mobile application.


I have been what could be classified as an entrepreneur for the last 10 years, I have done numerous startups, taught entrepreneurship and I am currently working on the next big thing! Suffice to say that I have had a lot of problems and unsurprisingly many startup founders I have met have the same set of problems. Conventional wisdom has solutions to all those problems but when did WE start following convention?


So our answer to facilitate entrepreneurs and get them doing stuff is StartHub. You could find out more about this by going to our About Us and Methodology pages but for now let’s look at our thought process at the starting stages…


We did a bit of research on what our options could be:


Option 1




Option 2




Combining the best of both worlds… our solution




We are attempting to focus on eliminating all the waste and get down to the nitty gritty of building stuff fast. We have taken the problems most budding entrepreneurs have and devised a way that we know can work. With StartHub, we hope to provide you with a dependable, competent and affordable resource pool to get started.


We are opening up the Hub to interested founders on the 1st of February 2013, so if you want to get involved Contact Us and we would love to discuss how you can be a part of the first batch of founders that we start working with!


Also we would love any feedback on our approach and any constructive criticism is most welcome

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